10 Reasons to Learn Python for Data Science

If you’re a data scientist or hoping to become one, learning Python is a necessity for your work. Even if you already know another programming language, learning Python allows you to deal with more situations and pick which language is best for the job at hand. Python is free to use and easily accessible online, so there are no excuses for neglecting to learn this important tool in any data scientist’s kit.

In this article, we’ll go through the top 10 reasons Python can boost your data science career and why it’s a must-learn programming language.

learn data science with python in hyderabad
learn data science with python in hyderabad

Python is one of the most popular programming languages

Not only is Python currently one of the most popular programming languages, it is also still growing! This easy-to-learn language overtook its competitors in 2014 to become the most taught introductory programming language at top universities . Not only this, but those with previous coding experience are moving away from other languages in favor of Python. According to research, 12% of coders migrate to or adopt Python over their previous coding language, this is the highest value for all languages and puts learning Python squarely on top as the best language to learn for data science careers.

There’s a huge community to help you learn

So we’ve established that Python is popular, but why does that matter? Well, more popular languages enjoy larger communities. These larger communities help new coders learn the language quicker and can provide more support when something goes wrong. Google any Python problem and you’ll quickly see that there are tonnes of other users, reporting and solving the same issues. With less time spent trying to solve issues, a data scientist can spend more time getting things done.

online data science training in hyderabad using python
online data science training in hyderabad using python

Easy to learn, good for beginners- powerful enough to build an app

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It’s simple enough for beginners to grasp but is also powerful enough to be able to do many different and difficult tasks. If you’re training as a data scientist, you’re probably not already familiar with the job. Python is easy to manage, this allows you to spend more time focusing on other aspects of data science.

It has easily readable coding

Some programming languages can seem like huge walls of incomprehensible text. Python is different. Instead of the typical code format, Python contains a lot of whitespace. This makes the code more clear and easily read, which means anyone can quickly and efficiently find specific sections of code to change or remove.

On top of this whitespace use, Python uses simplified syntax with natural language. This not only allows the code to write more quickly but also makes it more easily readable, so that you can have an easier time sorting and understanding data.

master data science by learning python
master data science by learning python

It’s strong and powerful

Out of all the 10 reasons to learn Python for data science this reason is one of the most important. In other languages, doing trivial or repetitive tasks would take up a lot of unnecessary time. Python can automate these trivial tasks and is so powerful that it can be used to code many large tasks other languages might struggle with.

Python is quicker than other languages

Writing and executing code isn’t instant, but thankfully for Python learners, code creation and execution is much quicker in Python than in other programming languages. For example, a data science task which could take hours in PHP, or Javascript, could take only minutes when done in Python.

Python has a wide variety of applications

Python is incredibly versatile. There’s a wide range of frameworks available for the language and it’s great for cross-platform development . Frameworks available include Django, which encourages fast and clean high-level design and Odoo, perfect for many business applications a data scientist may need to use.

Python has deep learning libraries that are helpful for sensing and AI and can even easily and quickly interpret other languages.

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Opens up other potential areas to move into

Learning Python opens up many other data science-related areas and uses; if you decide in the future to change your career, or use data science to lead into another sector, Python is the perfect language to help you get there. Here are some other potential jobs that use Python:

  • Python Developer
  • Software engineer
  • Data journalist
  • Product manager

Python users have a high salary

According to research, jobs that involve the use of Python typically pay more . On top of this, jobs that rely heavily on the programming language offer even higher salaries. Even if money isn’t your goal, it should be clear from this information that Python knowledge is in-demand and may give you an edge over other candidates when applying for a data science position.

The libraries and frameworks Python offers are best for data science

Python is a diverse language, but it also offers some specific libraries and frameworks that are simply the best option out there for data scientists. Learn Python to use frameworks such as NumPy, Theano and Keras, all of which allow you to integrate, manage and reshape large datasets.